Attractions in Manchester

Manchester Museum
There are several unique attractions in Manchester, UK, near the Trafford Centre. One of the most famous of these attractions is the Manchester Museum. This museum, which is conveniently located on Oxford Road, is owned and operated by the University of Manchester. It houses over 6 million artifacts from all over the world. These items include plants, coins, minerals, fossils, and much more. The Manchester Museum has collections in the areas of archaeology, botany, geology, and ethnology. It is also home to one of the largest collections of molluscs in the United Kingdom.

Manchester Art Gallery
Another interesting nearby attraction is the Manchester Art Gallery. This gallery, which is open every day of the week, is home to over 25,000 pieces of art. This art includes paintings, drawings, and photographs. The gallery is three stories and is publicly owned. Some of the most important artists to have their work there are William Burgess, Wynford Dewhurst, and Pierre Adolphe Valette.

Manchester Jewish Museum
One other amazing attraction in Manchester, UK near the Trafford Centre is the Manchester Jewish Museum. This museum, which is located in an old synagogue, has numerous exhibitions and collections. Manchester has a large Jewish community, and this museum documents the importance of various facets of their culture and religion. Some of the items in the museum are old, while others are from the present day.

Manchester Cathedral
Manchester Cathedral is also a definite must-see attraction in the area. This attraction is a very famous medieval church located on Victoria Street. People are allowed to tour the church. Many famous events have occurred there. The church even has a visitor center that has an exhibition room and shop. The shop is a wonderful place to buy a souvenir for those who are vacationing in Manchester.

Old Trafford
Everyone who loves sports should make time to visit Old Trafford. This is a very well-known and popular football stadium near the Trafford Centre in Manchester. The stadium, which holds a little over 75,000 people, is home to the professional football club, Manchester United. In the summer of 2012, some of the Summer Olympics football matches were held at Old Trafford. This is a fun and exciting place for parents to take their children while in Manchester. Because there are so many attractions in the area, Manchester is a great place to spend time.