Getting to Trafford Centre

Bus Service
When you are traveling around Manchester and looking for transportation near the Trafford Centre, the Stagecoach Bus Lines offers you a transportation option to many local destinations. The Stagecoach Bus offers rides every 15 minutes to and from the Trafford Centre during the daytime Monday to Sunday. The Stagecoach Dayrider ticket provides you an inexpensive way to visit the city with its hop-on, hop-off ability for one low daily price.

There are several train stations located within a short walk from the Trafford Centre to give you the opportunity to travel to the Centre by train. Manchester Piccadilly is just 5 minutes from the Centre and provides train service with the Metrolink Tram. The trains from the Salford Crescent station and the Manchester Victoria station run directly to the Trafford Centre. The trains run to and from the Centre approximately every 12 minutes, providing you convenient transportation to the area.

Rental Cars
There are a number of rental car agencies located near the Trafford Centre that can provide you with convenient transportation options. Whether you need a compact car, a limousine, or a shuttle bus, you can find just what you need to meet your transportation requirements. Renting a vehicle gives you more flexibility in your traveling, allowing you to travel on your schedule rather than having to meet the schedules of public transportation. You also have the freedom to travel to locations around town or in outlying areas that public transportation may not go to. Using a rental car gives you the freedom to enjoy the area according to your needs.

When you need to get to your next destination quickly from the Trafford Centre or are trying to get to the Centre, there are a number of local taxicab services that can provide you with quick and convenient service. Taking a taxi allows you to enjoy the scenery of the area without having to worry about making your way through traffic. Taking a taxicab gives you freedom to enjoy the area without having to worry about finding a parking space.

Public Bus System
When you need quick and efficient transportation near the Trafford Centre, there are several public bus stops within a few steps of the Centre that can give you a convenient way to get around town and explore the local attractions. The public bus system is a great way to meet the local citizens as well.